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  • Abbotsford Court Scheduling - Changes to Hours
  • We have been advised that Abbotsford Scheduling is closed every Tuesday at 2pm, and will be reopening around 3:30pm (the re-opening time seems to be uncertain at this stage). Please note: Any rush requisitions or rush Scheduling filing that is to be filed physically in court must be sent in to us before 12pm on Tuesdays. 
  • Wildfire Season - Impact upon Process Serving an In-person Court Registry Services
  • May 13, 2024 - Sadly, the wildfire season has already begun in parts of British Columbia, and some communities have already been put on evacuation alert. Projections suggest that additional fires will widen this impact through other areas of the province as the summer season progresses. Our very mild, warm winter will only make matters worse, unfortunately.

    Wide-spread emergency situations such as these may impact our ability to serve documents or complete in-person court filings in affected areas as quickly as we might like. Be assured we are in contact with our agents throughout the province, and the situation is being monitored to the best of our ability. 

    We will strive to provide timely service in all jurisdictions, and will do our very best to ensure that business proceeds as normal. Where there is a potential for delay, we will endeavor to keep our clients informed.

    Please see the links below for up-to-date information from the Province of BC on communities which may be affected.

    Thank you for your continued support… we appreciate the opportunity to work so closely with you.

  • Effective January 22, 2024 - CBCA Businesses Must File Information on Individuals with Significant Control Information
  • This following information has been received from Government of Canada sources, and is provided as a service to our clients.

    Beginning Monday, January 22, 2024, you have to file information on individuals with significant control (ISC) for the federal businesses incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) that you represent. Some of the ISC information that is filed with us will be available to the public. 
    ISC information will need to be filed with Corporations Canada:

    • - at the same time as the annual return;
    • - within 15 days of any change made to an ISC register;
    • - upon incorporation;
    • - after amalgamation;
    • - after continuance (import) to the CBCA.

    The corporation key is now mandatory to file an annual return and ISC information
    As of today as well, a corporation key is required to file an annual return and ISC information for the CBCA businesses that you represent. This security measure is intended to add a level of protection to your clients’ personal and corporate information.

    Please reach out to your clients to obtain the corporation key if it’s been misplaced or reply to this email if you have any questions or concerns.

    Find out where to find the corporation key if you or your client has misplaced it.

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  • Special Resolutions for Cooperative Associations
  • Effective today, November 30, 2023, special resolutions for cooperative associations can now be filed online in the BC Business Registry. Please note that special resolution forms are no longer required to be submitted to BC Registries.
  • Chilliwack Court - Certificates of Pending Litigation
  • August 8, 2023 - Chilliwack Court are not accepting any CPLs that are more than a single page. Court certificate and land information should appear on the same page.
  • New Westminster Supreme Court - Civil & Family Lengthy Chambers Bookings
  • June 26, 2023 - The following has been received from the Supreme Court Scheduling Manager, New Westminster Law Courts.

    Commencing August 2023, bookings for lengthy chambers hearings (any chambers matter estimated to take over 2 hours) will open in accordance with the dates listed below.

    These will be booked by Telephone at 604-660-8551 commencing at 9:00am. Bookings will be limited to 1 booking per call.

    • Civil: Booking day will be 2nd Tuesday of each month
    • Family: Booking day will be the 2nd Monday of each month (if a stat, it falls to the 2nd Tuesday)

    Please note the dates listed below reflect the earliest date our calendar is open for booking into a particular month and that earlier dates maybe available if you contact Scheduling. Counsel should direct their inquiries to 604-660-8551.
  • Vancouver Supreme Court Registry - Large Affidavits and Exhibits Over 10 Pages
  • June 16, 2023 - The following has been received from Court Services, Vancouver Law Courts.

    "For Civil files, we have noticed an increase of very large affidavits being submitted to the registry.  We now putting forth efforts to strongly encourage counsel and parties to take advantage of SCCR 22-2(9) which allows for only the body of affidavits to be filed when that affidavit contains exhibits which exceed 10 pages. 

    "The Affidavits in their entirety should still continue to be served on other parties or respondents.  The Affidavits in their entirety should also still be provided to the court in any Application or Hearing Record that may be filed."
  • Short Leave Applications
  • March 21, 2023 - West Coast Title Search Ltd is no longer able to act “as agent” for a lawyer for a Short Leave Application. These must be filed by a lawyer personally at the courthouse and the lawyer must be physically present at the courthouse to speak to the matter. The courts are no longer dealing with these matters by telephone or online.
  • Authentication Update
  • Immediate changes pertaining to: authentication of BC Vital Stats documents and, effective July 1, 2022: translations by a certified translator only and new online application form required. 
  • Obtaining Family Orders
  • NOTICE - Family Court Orders issued in Vancouver and New Westminster required an originally signed letter of authorization that enables WCTS to pick up the order on your behalf.
  • Oversized Affidavits
  • VICTORIA - The Court has advised that documents in 3-ring binders or rubber-banded will no longer be accepted when filing Affidavits. The documents must be stapled, use a bull-dog clip or be cerloxed. 
  • Priority Service
  • March 2, 2020 - Corporate registry priority requests are completed within 24-48 hours (business days). The registry is unable to provide same day priority services. As a result, requests for services that require a specific date must be submitted at least 2 business days in advance of the requested date. For non-specific dated requests, any priority request submitted ‘today’ will be processed with either ‘tomorrow’s’ date or the following day’s date.